10 disney movies that are not as innocent as they seem!

Disney movies are known to be really inspiring and making kids believe in magic. They always try to make the children’s dreams come true. Well, that really is an amazing reason for kids to watch them but there are some facts about disney movies that will sock you.

What we get to see in the films is not 100% the same story as the one written in the books. The original stories are way more spooky and definitely wouldn’t be appropriate for young children.

I guess this is why film makers decided to change the original plot into something more childlike. But people need to know the shocking truth behind these films. So, click the video down below and find out.

Top 10 truths behind disney movies that will shock you

So, what do you think? I’m pretty sure you enjoyed the video. Now that you know the truth, if you ever watch one of these movies again it will be different.

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