10 things Donald Trump prefers to spend money on!

Rich people do live a very luxurious life. We all hear about crazy things those people like to spend their money on. President Trump is definitely one of these people. But what you didin’t know is his rediculously expensive habbits, did you?

When it comes to Donald Trump, money is something he loves spending, on pretty much every stupid thing you have ever imagined. From loads of expensive cars to decorating pretty much everything in gold.

Now, let’s see some of these things. Just click the video down below and find out. This video may surprise you as there are some things he likes to do that will definitely blow your mind.

10 things Donald Trump likes to spend money on

So, what do you think? Do you agree with his habits? I personally think that being president of the USA somehow allows you to live a rich life but these habits just seem too much … 

Video and front image YouTube | The Talko

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