12 Beautiful Minds That Had Serious Drug Addictions



Drugs have always been a plague of our society. Unfortunatelym addiction can happen to anyone, young or old, rich or poor. Even if you are a genius, just a moment of being vaulnerable can be enough to start some serious addiction problems. Some of the most brilliant people in human history have struggled with addiction and the list below will definitely catch you by surprize.

1. One of the most famous inventors, Thomas Edison, was addicted to some cocaine elixir, which he consumed while he was working in order to keep him energized.


2. It is well known that many authors turn to alcohol to stay motivated. Stephen King consumed large amounts of liquor, valium, cocaine and marijuana and he doesn’t even remember writing ‘’Kujo’’.


3. Charles Dickens was what we would call today ‘a junkie’. He was seriously addicted to opium and scored his doses in Shadwell, London.


4. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a mastermind in music composing, but he also had depression, which he treated with alcohol. Many suppose that his death was a suicide.


5. Ginger Baker is regarded as one of the most talented drummers of all time, but he was a serious heroin addict for most of his career.


6. We all know Ernest Hemingway’s struggle with alcohol. He used to spend his night drinking and his days writing, until he committed suicide in 1961.


7. Businessman Howard Hughes suffered from chronic pain and he treated it by using opiates. Also, he was known for his usual cocaine use.


8. Psychoanalysis father Sigmund Freud used to take cocaine whenever he was feeling down and he even prescribed it to many of his patients.


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