12 Enchanting Flower Tattoos

Collage by | tattooblend


Flowers can either be boring and conventional or magical and cool, but only if the design is unconventional and with lots of creativity. I gathered 12 designs that have those characteristics and here they are!


1. Huge floral designs will never go out of fashion. They will always be among most popular designs.

Facebook | unclpaulknows

2. The caligraphic ending of this tattoo takes every tiny bit of ‘boring’ that it may be containing.

Facebook | handitrip31

3. It’s very interesting how a butterfly can transform a floral piece and give it a new vibrancy!

Instagram | oozy_tattoo

4. Lavender branches placed in the perfect spot, so that the tattoo will not be boring to you and the others.

Instagram | red_lenara

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