12 Magnificent Places That Have Still Not Been Discovered By Most Tourists



When you go at a travel agency, the destinations offered to you are pretty much the usual ones. It has to do with the various partnerships that every agency has with specific hotels and destinations. This is why you have to travel by yourself and opt for destinations that are ignored by travel agencies and most people are unaware of their value and beuty.

1. Jose Ignacio in Uruguay has only a few hundred residents. It offers luxurious choices in dining and accommodation combined with the relaxation that you are looking for.


2. Koh Rong in Cambodia is a peaceful island, where no noise from moving cars will interrupt the peace from the nature.


3. Bangladesh may not be a developed tourist place, but its beautiful scenery is surely something that a good traveler should discover.


4. Myanmar has seen its tourism rise from 300,000 to 1 million tourists per year, but you can still have some uninterrupted time there.


5. Roatan in the Honduras started to become popular during 2005, when divers discovered its beautiful scenery. Also, if fishing is your thing, this place is ideal for you.


6. Apulia in Italy is still not visited by huge masses of tourists. Its hospitable locals and the wonderful blue sea will make you feel like you’re in paradise.


7. Everyone knows Zambia and Zimbabwe, but only a few know Hwange National Park and all the natural treasures that can be seen in there.


8. Busan in South Korea may be the unwanted little sister of Seoul, but its beautiful beaches and art museums could really intimidate the latter.


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