12,000 People Are on Waitlist to Buy These $50 Work Trousers


Many women around the world will make complaints about how hard it is to find an affordable and great pair of trousers for work. If you make a quick search online at any big clothing store, you will realize that the cheapest quality pair of pants suited for work starts from $70 and if we’re talking about famous brands the price goes to even $200 for a pair. This is why Everlane’s $50 Work Pant has women waiting in lines so that they can grab a pair and not need to spend half their salary so that they can own a decent work attire piece.

Ahead of their release, the pair of pants had a waitlist of 12,000 women.


The pair was sold out a few hours after its release, but thankfully they are again available.


Everlane has been for a long time a favorite brand for Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Meghan Markle.


The pair of pants comes out in five different colors (navy, ochre, black, grey and green) and two silhouettes (ankle and regular length).


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