3D Ice Cream On Your Nails!

There are two things most girls love: Beauty and sweet treats. Okay, maybe beauty (and especially nail art) isn’t for everyone, but what kind of a monster doesn’t love ice cream. Like, seriously, I can’t even possibly fathom what type of people wouldn’t love it! Everything about it is perfect. And I am not only talking about the way it tastes (because that’s too obvious), no. It even looks cute.

However, in my opinion, ice cream looks best in its cartoonish form; It’s just so colourful and pretty looking! So, now it’s time to transition to some more serious matters! I am talking about something that combines our beloved ice cream with something a bit… unexpected: Nail art!

So, with no further adue just click the play button on the video below and see how easily it will be for you to create an acrylic three dimensional ice cream cone on your nails. Enjoy!

So, what do you think? Isn’t it the SWEETEST nail art tutorial you have ever seen? (Get it? Sweet, because ice cream is sweet! No? Okay then, I will see myself out…)

Front image and video | Naio Nails

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