8 Famous People That Were Outed Without Their Consent

We live in a society that is supposed to encourage people to reveal their true identity and not hide their sexuality. In show business things are a bit different. In the past, huge stars were discouraged from revealing their sexuality, because it was thought that the truth could ruin their career (actually that idea still lives in Hollywood). So, many stars were keeping the truth to themselves, but there was always someone who was rude enough to out them before they were ready.


1. In 1998, George Michael was arrested for engaging with a man in a public restroom. 


After the incident he was very open about his sexuality.

2. In 2014 CNBC anchor Simon Hobbs said on air that Tim Cook is openly gay. 

Twitter | tim_cook

The head of Apple, however, has never made such an announcement.


3. In 2010 photos that emerged showed Queen Latifah and her then girlfriend hugging. 


The actress has never spoken about the issue, but is public about her support to the LGBT community.

4. T.R Knight felt the need to come out when his Grey’s Anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington made a homophobic slur regarding him.


It’a too bad this sort of things keep happening.


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