8 Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Transgender


Being transgender in today’s society is a huge matter that most of us choose to ignore. If homosexuals have to face disrespect and racism, imagine how bad the transgender folks have it. From not being hired because of their identity, to being physically threatened, this kind of things are just realities many transgender people have to face day after day. So, for those who say that transitioning is a ”trend”, (yup, we did hear that on SNL) just know that transgender people have always been a part of society.


1. Jean d’Arc hadn’t officially transitioned.

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However, she was chased for refusing to wear female clothes and sticking on male clothing.

2. Lili Elbe was a cross dresser and a lesbian. 


She first modeled for her girlfriend’s portraits, but ended up feeling so comfortable wearing female clothes.


3. Sylvia Rivera was an influencial civil rights activist, that fought not only for gay and transgender people’s rights, but also for African Americans.


More power to you!

4. Marsha P. Johnson was also an activist fighting for the rights of transgender people. 


She co-founded along with Rivera, STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries).


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