8 Restoration Fails That Shocked The World


Okay, before we start throwing any dirt, I think there is something we all have to admit: Restoring is a da very difficult job. When you are called to restore an old and historical painting, you have to respect the work of art and work as precisely as possible to bring it back to its best condition. Well, some people have failed gloriously to reach even an okay result. They have made a fool of themselves and deprived the world of great paintings.

1. An elderly woman in Spain volunteered to restore a Jesus painting. The result was depressing, but it gathered the cathedral a lot of attention.


2. Restorations in the Sistine Chapel took a very long time and for some people were not successful. Some of the figures lost their eyes due to the restorer’s touch.


3. Da Vinci painted The Virgin and Child with St. Anne on a cloudy day, but the restorer felt like giving it a little more sunlight.


4. It seems like this restorer was not a big fan of Lenin and he/she deliberately gave him a different face and longer hand.

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