8 Scary And Disgusting Foods That People Consume


You must have understood by now that people around the world have completely different tastes and eat things that seem scary and disgusting to the rest of us. Now, you understand what disgusting is, but I guess you need some explanation on the word ‘scary’. Well, you know how we are told how some foods can kill us if we consume them? That’s it. Some people eat things that might kill them. I guess the thrill surpasses the sense of danger.

Codfish in a lye solution is a jelly-like mass with a smell that beats a room full of soldiers. The dish is usually served at Christmas. 


This spicy shrimp cocktail may have no spices at all, but it has a large amount of horseradish, which can make someone faint after consuming it.


Naga Jolokia is the hottest pepper in the world and even one extra gram can kill someone. It is mainly used to scare away elephants from the crops.


If you catch a tarantula, don’t try to cook it. It might be a Cambodian delicacy, but amateur cooking could lead to death due to the poison that lies in the tarantula’s fangs.


Ackee should be ripe when cooked. The fruit’s flesh is the only part that can be eaten and its taste is similar to a nutty omelet.


Datura is a toxic plant that can be consumed in the forms of seeds, juice and tea leaves. If used excessively it can kill you.


San-nakji is an octopus dish served alive. People who opt for it are advised to chew it very carefully, since it can suffocate you while you eat it.

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Beautiful berries, right? Not exactly. Elderberries can boost your immunity real good, but only if you cook them first. Raw elderberries can cause severe contraction of body tissues.


Not every culture is the same and not all people have the same taste. Maybe some of us could never eat the alive octopus, but some others would probably find it difficult to eat a traditional flan. We are not born the same, so why should we be eating the same things? Diversity is nice and I always root for it, even when it seems weird.

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