8 Unpleasant Facts About Love We Will All Face

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While growing up, people become more mature and start searching for the one that will stick with them forever. At first, everything seems ideal and so romantic, but as times passes by, sometimes love fades and many problems start appearing. No matter how much you love someone, sooner or later you will face such difficulties that really challenge true love. 

1. Trust will fade. 


2. There will come time when you will start getting bored around your lover. 


3. You will fight- a lot. 


4. Children will be a huge challenge to your relationship. 


5. You will feel lonely sometimes. 

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6. You are most likely to lose connection from time to time. 


7. There will come time when you might hurt one another.


8. So in order to keep that love untouched, both have to make sacrificies. 


At first, love seems quite romantic, passionate and long lasting. But only time and sacrifice will prove its strength.

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