9 Tattoos Inspired By Famous Paintings


Tattoos are definitely a form of art, I am sure that you whole heartedly agree with me. However, what you probably don’t know, is that some people decided to get some tattoos inspired by their favorite works of art. Below, we have a collection of the best ones we could find!


1. This tattoo inspired by Van Gogh’s starry night is amazing! Seriously, that’s one of the best tattoos out there!

I really want to get one like this!

Pinterest | Efe Eraslan

2. This one looks gorgeous!


3. Mona Lisa is a classic painting, but on a tattoo it can look great with a little twist.


4. Do you like Picasso? Well, if you do, consider getting a tattoo of one of his iconic paintings!


5. And what do you think about Dali’s work? Personally, he is one of my favorite artists of all time!

This one is probably the best one so far!


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