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    8 Unbelievably Photogenic Mugshots!

    It is widely believed that people who get arrested are a mess. Most of the times this is true, but there are other occasions in which people are so photogenic that not even the bad lens of the prison camera can’t make them look like a mess.

    1. Remember Jeremy? This particular mugshot was the reason why he was offered a modeling contract. 


    2. This woman looks a lot like Taylor Swift when Taylor first appeared in the music industry.


    3. Pretty lady behind the bars. Being pretty never prevented anyone from messing their lives.


    4. This guy is undoubtedly a very handsome man and his eyes are captivating.

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    Celebrities That Have Been Photoshopped Bald!

    Photoshop is one whole world with a huge number of possibilities. You can even take a person and erase their hair and make them look bald. That’s one thing that many photoshoppers like to do just to have a very good laugh!

    1. Miley Cyrus is one of those people that any kind of haircut looks nice on them. Even the bald look.


    2. Katherine Heigl’s almost bald look is really great on her. Don’t you agree?


    3. That premature hair loss seems to be a huge problem for Katy and her big forehead.


    4. The hair of a 60-year-old man on Kim Kardashian’s head is simply hilarious!

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    These Bikini Fails Are So Hilarious!

    Summer is here and bikini season is on for good! Every woman wants to find the perfect swimsuit for her. But on the other hand some people have taken a totally wrong idea of how a bikini should be like. 

    1. I haven’t seen a lettuce bikini even in my life! 


    2. Tied up bikini bottoms can be very revealing 


    3. What is going on here? 


    4. I thought I’ve seen enough of these untill I saw this picture! 

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    You Will Hate Our World When You See These Pictures

    The world is an awful place. We all know that or at least we say so. What I mean is that we say we know how ugly the world is, but we do nothing to make it prettier and stop all the madness. Maybe, these artistic pictures will bring us back to reality.

    1. We say we love animals, but we don’t count the killing and eating of them part.


    2. When someone wants your vote, they suddenly are good to people and they treat them with respect.


    3. You don’t need to get out of your house in order to see what everyone else is doing in their private space.


    4. How would you feel if your hard effort was used in such a huge disrespectful and ugly way?

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    Summer Relationships VS Winter Ones Memes You Need To See!

    Winter relationships are a bit different from the summer ones in some ways. I mean, you have noticed that in winter everyone loves hugging each other while in summer… that is not very pleasing as the heat is intolerable. 

    Sleeping in summer be like: 


    In winter things are different. 


     Nice weather also means that going out is a must!


    But in winter you can stay in as long as you wish.

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    How Is Beauty Behind Prison Bars?

    Orange is the New Black may have taught us a lot of things about prison, but it still cannot be as realistic as the real prison life than millions of women have all around the world. This is why we should turn to real-life documentaries to find out what’s really happening.

    Women are kept occupide with the jobs that the prison offers them.

    YouTube | Africa Uncensored

    Each year, a beauty pageant is being held at the prison and the ones who want participate in the competition.

    YouTube | Africa Uncensored

    This woman is a fashion designer and always dreamed of walking down the runway.

    YouTube | Africa Uncensored

    Beauty behind prison bars

    I guess staying close to beauty is a way of keeping these women motivated and encouraged. Just because they are prisoners, it doesn’t mean that you should let them rot in prison.

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    Find The Clothes That Match Your Body Shape!!

    Women are very different and have their own style. We dress differently in order to express ourselves and of course our mood. But not all of us have the same body type. So instead of just following what’s trendy we better know what piece of clothing is flattering our bodies. 

    1. Pear body shape.

    A-line skirts are perfect for you. A great tip for you is to emphasize on the upper body part of yours.


    2. Wedge bosy type or otherwise the inverted triangle.

    Go strapless in order to show off your wide shoulders and of course feel free to wear mini or even long skirts!


    3. Rectangle body shape.

    Pencil skirts with wide ends will be perfect for this bosy type.


    4. Apple body shape

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    Pleasantly Shocking Transgender Transformations You Need To See!

    Unfortunately, many people do not feel comfortable with their own body. This is why they choose to change their lives forever by transforming themselves into the opposite sex. Of course, science is here for them. Check out what these brave people have achieved. 

    Sona Avedian 

    The former US marine gas served six tour in Afganistan and Iraq and gotten married with a lovely daughter before he transformed into Sona.


    If you are a big supporter of LGBT rights then you probably know Buck Angel. 

    He admitted that when he was a woman he had to keep it as a secret and was not confortable with his looks.


    Jenna Talackova.

    When she took part in the Miss Universe Canada she was disqualified for being a transgender.


    Thalita Zampirolli.

    The famous transgender brazilian model had had her sex change surgery when she was 18 with the full support of her family.

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    8 Super Weird And Amazing Bath Bombs!

    Do you use bath bombs for your bath? If the answer is yes, then you might wanna check out these super interesting bath bombs that will make your bath a lot funnier than before. Let’s check them out!

    1. Who’s hungry for a cinnamon role? If you can’t eat it, at least you can put it in your bath!

    Instagram | bathesda_boutique

    2. If you want to feel like a millionaire Princess, this piece of gold will offer you the experience.

    Instagram | bathesda_boutique

    3. Your kids will surely feel incredible if they see this one as it is being dissolved in their bath!

    Instagram | bathesda_boutique

    4. The newest design in the market is this delicious pizza slice, that you should try and not bite!

    Instagram | bathesda_boutique
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    Natural Moisturizers You Can Make At Home!

    Moisturizing is one of the first rules of skin care. You cannot and shouldn’t omit it from your daily beauty routine. If you do not like chemical products then you can try a few natural remedies that will moisturize your skin perfectly.

    1. Natural oils are perfect for hydrating dry and itchy skin and will make the skin smooth and supple.

    Pinterest | My Pinterest Faves

    2. The aloe vera gel is super beneficial for dried, flaking and irritated skin, since it keeps it hydrated. 


    3. Honey is a magical natural ingredient, since it reaches deep and moisturizes the skin for within.

    YouTube | holistichabits

    4. Glycerin has the ability to attract water and retain hydration of the dried skin.