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    Dove’s Racist Ad Is Unbelievable to Conceive That It Was Made in 2017

    Racism is once again the first news story everywhere. From one hand, this is a good thing. Many people thought that the U.S having a black President was really the medicine to cure racism. Well, that was a bit utopic. All these racist, fascist dogs were waiting for the moment to free their disgust and anger towards everyone that is not white and not American. They just needed the perfect perpetrator and Donald Trump served as exactly that. On the other hand, it is fricking 2017 and trying to promote equality and respect is just something that we mustn’t have to do.

    The famous soap company, Dove, made an advertisement that I just can’t see how in the name of God was approved.


    The concept follows a black woman, who takes her shirt off and shows a white woman lurking inside of her.


    I think we were past the phase where people thought that being black was dirty and they needed to scrub themselves clean.

    Twitter | mwaicman

    Dove has said that this is not a racist ad, but a way to show how their washing products are perfect for all types of skin.

    Twitter | meghamohan

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    Adidas Made a Campaign Using a Model With Unshaved Legs and Armpits

    If you are a woman, you know exactly all the pressure that lies on as when it comes to appearance. Everything should be shaved, our hair must be perfect, our makeup unfaulty and our clothes as fashionable as possible. This is not our mistake only. First, we are forced to abide by society’s and the beauty world’s rules. Second, other women are cruel towards those who won’t follow the rules. And third, men prefer a perfect doll than a real woman with faulthy skin. All these combined create women that are not confident in their own skin and try ro please others instead of trying to be enough for themselves.

    The famous sports brand, Adidas, launched its Fall/Winter superstar campaign and it has gone viral.

    Instagram | arvidabystrom

    In the pictures you see a girl who has not shaved her legs, making all of us remember what natural legs look like, ’cause I’ve forgotten. 

    Instagram | arvidabystrom

    The superstar sneaker itself was designed to ‘redefine beauty’, so it is only natural to promote a beauty standard that needs to stop being a taboo. 

    Instagram | arvidabystrom

    Arvida Bystrom, the Swedish model of the campaign, is a known advocate against stereotypes and the ‘no-shave’ movement.

    Instagram | arvidabystrom

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    Florist in New York Uses the Trash Cans as Beautiful Vases Full of Flowers

    If you are currently living in New York you must be annoyed by all the noise and dirt from the car engines. A centre of a city that is busy at all times is impossible to be perfect or even close to it. And nobody really cares about the dirt on the streets and the lack of beauty standards because they are so stressed out about their jobs and they are constantly running to get to a meeting and not be late to work. But, things shouldn’t be like that. A big, beautiful city like New York should be as pretty as any big European city centre and someone should start doing the deed.

    Lewis Miller is a florist based in New York, who uses leftover flowers from weddings to fill trash cans with flower bouqets.


    He and his team look for the biggest trash cans in the city and get up really early in the morning to fill them with colorful flowers.


    People stop to watch the beautiful ‘vases’ and they can’t help but smile at the wonderful sight.


    Lewis has been thinking about this project for years and his only goal is to make the everyday life of a New Yorker a little bit more colorful.


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    An Otherworldly House Made of Shipping Containers by James Whitaker

    Creating a house from the top must be one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences for any person. Everyone wants to create their own home at some point in their life. Either they can do it themselves or hire someone else to do it for them by giving them their vision and desirable design, the outcome is as satisfactory as they could imagine. It’s the happiness of being able to choose everything from the top on your own. From the material of the walls to the color of the armchair, they know that the house is theirs and was made based on their personal taste.

    Architect James Whitaker was hired by a creative client, who asked him to built a house made of shipping containers.


    The otherworldly house is located in the vast area of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.


    The 200-square-feet house includes a kitchen, living room and three suite-like bedrooms.


    Whitaker stayed close to minimal decor and placed furniture by designer Ron Arad.


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    Illustrations of Disney Animals Transformed Into Humans

    Disney’s films and their characters have brought up lots of people and continue to inspire today’s generations. The huge love that most people have for Disney and its characters make them want to ‘play’ with them and imagine how they would be as humans or how they would be if created today or even how they would look like if they were famous pop stars. If this case, we come across an illustrator who imagined some of Disney’s most famous animal characters as humans and the outcome is very enjoyable.

    Alaina Bastian is an art student who decided to illustrate disney animals as humans in her collection Humanized.


    Taking into consideration the visual style and color of every disney creature, she turns them into humans.


    One of all time favorites, the Lion King, is turned into a happy Homo Sapiens family.


    As you can see, Alaina managed to retain the original attitudes and style of the animal characters.


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    The Crystal Clear Water of Lake Braies in Italy

    Lake Braies is located in the Prags Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. It is a not so famous Italian destination, but its natural beauty is so captivating that more people should start going and more tourism agencies should start putting it into their tour guides. There is nothing more refreshing than visiting a quiet lake with crysta clear water that can magnetize any living being and take even the smallest troubling thought out of your mind.

    Davide Sasso is an instagramer, who loves photography and of course his country. That’s why he went to lake Braies and captured its unlimited beauty.

    Instagram | redunchained

    The lake is surrounded by the Dolomites and Croda del Becco, which is truly stunning to watch.

    Instagram | redunchained

    The water’s emerald green and turquoise colors and so clear that you will realise that you can mirror yourself on them.

    Instagram | redunchained

    The lake attracts mostly hikers, bikers and climbers during the summer months when the weather is mild.

    Instagram | redunchained

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    Makeup Artist Takes Halloween Makeup Into The Creepiest Level!

    October is all about Halloween! Pumpkins, creepy decorations and of course many treats are some of the things that make all people look forward to it every year! But let’s not forget costumes, right? Your Halloween costume needs to be something exceptional. Samantha Staines, a makeup and nail artist, has some suggestions for you! 

    1. Hoover face makeup. 

    Instagram | sammylovesfossas

    2. Eye popping makeup look. 

    Instagram | sammylovesfossas

    3. This is a little confusing! 

    Instagram | sammylovesfossas

    4. Talking sh*t makeup. 

    Instagram | sammylovesfossas

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    Storage Units Turned Into a Museum With a Wonderful Tubural Structure

    What is the thing that matters the most in a museum? Most people will say the material that it has to show the world and they are not wrong. But, this is not the only thing that matters. Its design and interior decoration play a huge part in how successful a museum will be and how much attention from the media and the internet it will get. When something becomes famous for its design, people won’t pay so much attention to what it really is about, but what it looks like from up close.

    Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa was created by London-based architect Thomas Heatherwick.


    The museum has 80 gallery spaces that were converted from what used to be 42 historic grain silos, used to hold and grade maize.


    The museum is non-profitable and holds contemporary art collections, preserves, researches, and exhibits from twenty-first century art from Africa and its Diaspora.


    The museum supports educational and enrichment programmes, along with encourages intercultural understanding and guaranteeing access for all.


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    Genious Tips For A Perfect Smile!

    Don’t you wish for a perfect shiny smile but hate going to the dentist? This is your lucky day, as we will confide some top secrets to you that are totally effective and very easy to try at home. Remember, that no matter how effective these tips are, a visit at your dentist is a must on a regular basis! But now let’s focus on these hacks. 

    1. DIY whitening toothpaste.

    It is high time you create a whitening toothpaste at home. The procedure is simple; mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with some amount of coconut oil and 2-3 drops of mint oil and voila! You have a nice whitening toothpaste, which also takes care of your enamel and freshens your breath.


    2. Tea tree oil.

    Dialute 5 drops of pure tea tree oil in half a cup of water and rinse your mouth with it every day after having washed your teeth and you will see results in a matter of weeks.


    3. Strawberry paste. 

    Smash a straberry and add a small amount of sea salt.  Put the mixture on a toothbrush and lightly brush your teeth with it. For better results do it more often than once every two weeks.


    4. Coconut oil. 

    As stated many times, coconut oil is suitable for teeth whitening. Brush your teeth as usual, apply some oil on them and leave it there for 15 minutes or so. Then brush thoroughly with toothpaste. Repeat 3 times a week.


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    Beauty Secrets To Help You Shine Like A Hollywood Star!

    Being confident with yourself is definitely one of the greatest things you can achieve in this life, right? But, let’s be honest girls, I am pretty sure that even once in your life you have watched Hollywood stats on red carpet and wished to look like them! Even if you don’t really fancy those stars, you have to admit that they all look so perfect on camera, it even makes you wonder how they do it! Here are some neccessary secrets you need to know! 

    1. Moisturizing cream should be applied within 60 senconds after having washed your face. 

    It is important to know that when you wash your face – or even after your shower – the best time to apply your moisturizing cream is within 60 seconds. 3


    2. Avoid drinking alcohol the day before waxing.

    Even a little bit of it makes it more painful and less effective.


    3. Wet your hair before swimming.

    By this way, you protect your hair from the salt of the seawater or the chlorine of a pool.


    4. Stop using cotton pads on your face.

    Whenever applying any makeup product on your face, always choose to do it with your fingers. Cotton pads or even makeup sponges are very absorbent and apply only a small amount of makeup.


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    Ridiculous Fashion Trends People Shouldn’t Follow!

    As time passes by everything around you changes rapidly. This is why you kind of need to keep up with everything that is new around you; from a technological envention or even a fashion trend. Many people get the idea that in order to be trendy and ”in” you have to adjust everything fashion industries launch in your life. Well, this can lead you to huge mistakes you will soon regret!

    1. Mud effect clothes. 

    This looks absolutely ridiculous.


    2. Fur nails. 

    Some people even style their hairy nails…


    3. Inverted jeans. 

    I don’t even see a reason why you should wear these. I mean look at the pockets… so uncomfortable.

    Instagram | leformstore

    4. Cowboy sandals. 


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    Outrageous Shoe Designs That Are Definitely Not Worth Wearing!

    Many of us love buying new pairs of shoes, no matter how many we already own. Heels or flat, boots or sneakers are some of the shoes a woman should definitely own. But, in order to stand out, would would wear high heels that also have a ponytail on them? Sounds weird but it is true. Many designers have created the world’s most bizzare shoes, even shoe lovers would refuse getting!

    1 . Ponytail. 

    Would you be surprised to find out that these are actually human hair? Designers Somarta and Masaya Kushino are responsible for these heels. Would you wear something like this? Me neither.


    2. Sole less shoes. 

    Such a weird design. This is look even functional at all.


    3. Geisha inspired heels. 

    The double planked heels make these heels look incredibly intimidating and no matter how easily you can walk in heels, these two will challenge you.


    4. Ballet heels. 

    I do believe that even ballarinas wouldn’t dare walking in these.


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