Acne Nail Art Is Actually Happening And You Need To Check It Out!

Front iamge by | Natasha Lee

2017 has been a year full of crazy nail manicure designs, that will definitely go down in history. Who remembers the uterus nails trend or the breast shaped nails manicure that was completely sick? You think you’ve had enough of this? Well, you were wrong! Acne nail design is here are it looks as disgusting as it sounds! Famous nail artist, Natasha Lee, posted a tutorial on YouTube on how to create such acne nail and people have mixed feeling abouti it! 

1. This is what a normal nail tutorial would result to; a perfect nail manicure to make your day!

Instagram | krestinenko_nails

2. But this looks so ordinary, right? Ance nail art, on the other hand, is… well… innovative!

This is what is looks like!

YouTube | Natasha Lee

3. When you first see it you kind of go like this

YouTube | unilad

4. But, honestly, this is a normal tutorial like everything else.

YouTube | Natasha Lee

What do you think?

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