Adidas Made a Campaign Using a Model With Unshaved Legs and Armpits

Instagram | arvidabystrom

If you are a woman, you know exactly all the pressure that lies on as when it comes to appearance. Everything should be shaved, our hair must be perfect, our makeup unfaulty and our clothes as fashionable as possible. This is not our mistake only. First, we are forced to abide by society’s and the beauty world’s rules. Second, other women are cruel towards those who won’t follow the rules. And third, men prefer a perfect doll than a real woman with faulthy skin. All these combined create women that are not confident in their own skin and try ro please others instead of trying to be enough for themselves.

The famous sports brand, Adidas, launched its Fall/Winter superstar campaign and it has gone viral.

Instagram | arvidabystrom

In the pictures you see a girl who has not shaved her legs, making all of us remember what natural legs look like, ’cause I’ve forgotten. 

Instagram | arvidabystrom

The superstar sneaker itself was designed to ‘redefine beauty’, so it is only natural to promote a beauty standard that needs to stop being a taboo. 

Instagram | arvidabystrom

Arvida Bystrom, the Swedish model of the campaign, is a known advocate against stereotypes and the ‘no-shave’ movement.

Instagram | arvidabystrom

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