When Americans Taste Weird European Dishes


The American cuisine is pretty simple compared to the European cuisines and some specific dishes. I don’t know and can’t understand the reason, but this is a true fact. So, how does an American react when he or she tastes a very weird European dish? Let’s say snails. Would you eat that? I am European and I would definitely pass on eating that. I have been given the opportunity, but I politely said no.


Snails are a French delicacy

Image by rasamalaysia

Haggis is a seemingly disgusting Scottish dish, but in reality it is very tasty

Image by britannica

Lutefish is a dish made of aged whitefish and has a gelatinous texture.

Image by jenieats

Let’s see these people’s precious reactions!

As a person who likes food adventures, I would say that they are overreacting a bit. These dishes aren’t that disgusting as they are making them look. So, if you ever have the chance to taste them, do it. Except for the snail.

Front image | buzzfeed


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