An Apartment in Paris That Looks Like a Set From a Wes Anderson Film Is Now For Sale


Everyone has seen a Wes Anderson film and everyone has been captivated by the otherworldly sets of his films. All the interiors and exteriors of his films along with the clothing of his main characters create a sense of magic and seem like they all belong in a dream. Maybe this is what most of us, who lead a life full of stress need in order to have some peace when we get back home after a long day working and worrying about every little thing.

Recently, the real estate office of Phillipe Menager and Nicolas Hug listed for sale a house that looks exactly like a set from Wes Anderson films.


The house has a magnificent high-ceiling entrance hall that leads to the stairs for the upper level.


The grand living room is down stairs and its wall paneling reaches 5 meters high. It also has a huge window door that leads to the balcony.


On the upper level, you can find the bedrooms, a sitting room, bathroom, study and dressing room.


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