An Apartment in Paris That Looks Like a Set From a Wes Anderson Film Is Now For Sale

The bathroom is covered in wood paneling and a large part of the walls is covered in mirrors.


A separate apartment comes with the house that consists of a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and of course a balcony with a great view.


The dining room will make you feel like you are dining in some scene from an old film, where princesses and dukes are among the guests.


The house with this magnificent view comes at a price of €5,775,000 or $6.72 million.


I think most of us wished they lived for a few days at a house like this. I am a huge fan of the bright colors and the wood panels, but I don’t think I could live permanently inside a house where I would feel I should be dressed formally at all times. But, I would gradly spend a few extra money to spend a night inside it, although this isn’t offered as a choice.

What do you think?

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