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Animals singing Evanescence!!

Nope! It wasn’t a clickbait, we were completely honest right here, as always! The new hot trend is weird but 100% true. We are talking about animals covering many different types of songs and for today, we have for you a quite creepy cover from Evanescence.

It’s the popular song Bring me to life, of course, covered by all sorts of animals: cats, dogs, chimpazees and even a rooster is featured in the video you are about to see below. That’s actually a very innovative idea, since nobody else has done this before; At least as far as I know. Plus, the whole video is pretty great.

It’s actually such a good cover that the comments below the video are extremely kind, especially if you consider that we are talking about YouTube comments. Here are some of my favourite: 

“The rapper dog is the best”

“I think evanescence tried to do a cover of this and failed, this is clearly the original”

“This was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

“The rooster had me dying!”

You don’t believe us? Then watch the following video and see for yourself!

And as if the previous cover was not enough, here is an animal cover to Linking Park’s song, Numb:

I tell you people, the person who made this videos is absolutely a genious, I just can’t find enough words to thank them. Plus, I got to admit that these animals are betters singers than I am! So, what do you think? Which video was your favourite?

Front image and videos YouTube | Insane Cherry

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