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Animals That Don’t Know What Posing for a Picture Means


Don’t you just hate those people who can have a great picture of theirs even in their sleep? I just don’t get it how someone can be so perfect in every picture that someone takes of them. I will take 10 snaps of myself and 9 of them will be garbage with only one of them being not humiliating. The point is that there are some lucky people, who are perfect in every single photo that they take and I find this truly unfair. The same issue seems to be bothering the animal world. Dogs are usually perfect in their photos, but there are some other animals, who don’t know what to do with their faces when they are getting photographed.

1. This owl is either drunk or it just forgot to hide when the sunlight came out and got blinded by it. 


2. This Derby Alpaca was called by some visitors of the zoo and it simply could not give them a straight face.


3. Owls might be the most unphotogenic animals on the planet. The main problem seems to be the eyes. They just don’t know what to do with them.


4. You are trying to look angry and frightening, but all I see is a creature that can make me laugh.


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