Aquarium Nails Is The Craziest Nail Trend You Need To Try!

Front image by |  Denisejohn65 - Nail Ed

Various nail designs had been going around the internet for quite a long time. We have seen feather nails or nails with fidget spinners on them and many others. But personally, I think that aquarium nails were, by far, the craziest nails I’ve even seen. We are talking about a real small portable aquarium on your nail! Let’s see how this trend looked like and make sure to tell us your opinion about it!

1. This is how the trend is expected to look like. 

YouTube |  Denisejohn65 – Nail Ed

2. It also comes in smaller shapes for your nails. 

Instagram | ladii_steel

3. This is so extra. 

Instagram | aquariumnails

4. Satisfy your inner mermaid with these nails. 

Instagram | vilmajarvinen

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