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Balenciaga Launches a Skirt That Looks Like a Car Mat and Costs $2,300


Have you ever imagined how a skirt would be made from a material that would not be taken away and revealed your thighs and butt on a windy day? Well, if you have then this is your lucky day. Fashion company Balenciaga, has come up with the idea of skirt made from a material similar to what car mats are from and looking exactly like the latter. Not only that, but this new and -not- exciting skirt comes at $2,300 a piece and I am not sure if there is a line of orders ahead of you.

This unconventional skirt is made of 50% lambskin and 50% plain rubber, baring an important difference with the original material of a car mat.


Leather might have replaced rubber on a 50% level, but the skirt still looks like a real car mat.


British homeware retailer Argos stated that the firm was inspired by one of the car mats that they sell.


The skirt comes in colors other than black, but I don’t think that it gets any better by changing the color.


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