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Balenciaga Launches a Skirt That Looks Like a Car Mat and Costs $2,300

One Twitter used simply asked if Balenciaga would really take a car mat and slap their brand on it and sell it as a skirt.


This is not just a silly Japanese or Chinese creation that makes everyone laugh. This is a serious fashion firm creating a truly awful piece of clothing.


Right now the price has gone from $2,300 to $2,450 because everyone is fighting over who’s gonna buy the last piece.


If you want to wear a car mat why don’t you take your own car’s mat and slap a Balengiaga tag on it?


They should be ashamed for launching a piece of clothing so awful and aesthetically cheap. If you want to be taken seriously as a brand, then you should take people seriously and don’t undervalue their taste and fashion style. Just because you are famous and successful it doesn’t mean that everyone will consider pretty any garbage you want to present as fashionable.

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