Beautiful Hollywood Actresses That Haven’t Aged a Bit

5. Jennifer Lopez in one of the few cases of female celebrities, who see to have not aged a tiny bit from the moment they first appeared in public.


6. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another spectacular woman, who remains breathtaking no matter how old she gets.


7. I don’t know about you, but for me Kate Beckinsale is the prettier and most stunning actress in Hollywood.

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8. Jennifer Aniston is another actress, who doesn’t seem to have changed a lot since her role on Friends.


I hate it when double standards exist. For a man (for instance George Clooney) it is understandable and acceptable to play the heartthrob even in his 50s, but once a woman reaches her 40s she is starting to be cast as a grandmother or the mother of the adult lead actress. Hollywood is truly a disgusting and misogynistic place to be.

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