Beautiful Streets That Would Be a Dream to Live on


One of the first questions that someone asks you when they first meet you is ‘what street you live on’. It is a natural question that comes up when having a conversation and trying to get to know someone. The street we live on plays a huge part in our pick for a future home. If you grow up in a quiet and neighborhood with lots of trees around, then it is highly possible that the environment of a city centre will not be your first choice in the future. It also gives us a primitive idea of what a neighborhood means to us and how close we want to be with the people living next door.


1. How can you not be a romantic person when you live in Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Germany?


You just can’t help it.

2. The Shambles in York, UK makes us travel back in time and feel like we live in a time where Instagram and Facebook are absent.

Twitter | VisitEngland

How would that feel?


3. Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in Porto Alegre, Brazil is closer to my idea of a majestic and dreamy road to pass by every morning.

Instagram | acumulandoviagens

I should just move there already.

4. Island Molyvos in Greece is a wonderful place in its entirety and this specific small path is one of the most dreamy you will find.


Just look at the photo!


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