The Best And Worst Viral Beauty Trends Of 2017 So Far!

Collage by Jack Emory | bustle


The internet gives the opportunity to even the craziest trend to gain attention and some followers. But, becoming viral doesn’t mean that it is for a good reason. It may be because of all the bad reasons and we are here to see both bad and good trends of this year.


1. WORST: applying makeup with a condom created a frenzy for the most obvious reason, but now it’s gone.

YouTube | Jack Emory

2. WORST: if you ever lose your mascara brush and you are in a hurry just use a screw wand to apply mascara.

YouTube | Tina Yong

3. WORST: another weird method of blending foundation. This time a tampon is doing all the hard work.

YouTube | Gabrielle Moses

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