Bizzare Invetions For Women You Won’t Believe That Actually Work!

Front image by  | dailymail

A serious amount of designers all over the world have let their imagination get the best of them! How? Of course by creating innovative but also a bit weird stuff the world didn’t know they actually need them. You’d be surprised to find out that there is an actual tool that helps you shape the size of your nose. But if you look at them twice, these inventions might not seem that bad! 

1. Led lashes.

You would probably remember this, since it is a late trend.


2. Device for beautiful eyelids. 

That’s weird.


3. Lip trainer.

Helps you train all the muscles around your mouth that you don’t actually use.


4. Improve the size of your nose with this tool.

Do not expect fast results. This needs a lot of time, even years to work.


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