This “Black Barbie” Is Taking Over The Internet!

Collage by Instagram | duckieofficial

Have you ever seen anyone who has such a great complexion, with no flaw at all and looks like a Barbie doll? If the answer is ‘no’, then this is about to change, because this is Duckie Thot, the model who looks like Barbie.

This is the picture that she posted on Instagram and had everyone question whether it’s real or not.

Instagram | duckieofficial

Her complexion is so shiny and flawless, that everyone thought that she was photoshopped.

Instagram | duckieofficial

Duckie was a contestant in ”Australia’s Next Top Model”, but unfortunately left pretty early.

Instagram | duckieofficial

The girl from Sudan said that it’s very challenging for a woman of color to be in the fashion industry.

Instagram | duckieofficial

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