Butterflies Landing On Animals’ Noses Is One Of the Sweetest Things To Ever Witness


Have you ever noticed that butterflies land on the noses of animals? Not on their backs or their tails, but their noses. I guess it’s like us humans when we visit a mountain and we have to stand at the edge of the highest peak. The view from the top or the edge of somewhere is always more exciting and thrilling and butterflies have grasped that. The image of a butterfly standing on any animal’s nose is one of the most spectacular and romantic that we could ever witness. It’s like they try to steal a kiss from someone they know is out of their league.

Photographer Mark Cowan’s photo of this crocodile with the butterfly on it has gone viral and is tremendously appreciated by anyone who sees it.


Butterflies have sensors in their feet and this is how they sense if something is tasty and worth eating.


Their sight is not very good and it is possible that they confuse animals for plants and after realising that they are not food they fly away.


Butterflies live on an all-liquid diet, mostly by drinking nectar. A few feed on sap and in rare cases resort to sipping from decaying carrion.


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