Cat Owners Are Building Houses For Their Cats Known As ”Catios”


Forget all about cat houses. They are too small and too claustophobic for your pet cat. The new solution in animal living is ”catios”. They are the cat equivalent of a patio and they are as cool as they sound. There are not few of cat lovers and owners, who have a little free space and decide to create a big and roomy personal space for their pet cats. This is a very innovative and smart idea that will surely be very pleasant for the animals.

Catio Spaces is a company based in Seattle and focuses on creating outdoor homes for your favorite pet.


Cynthia is the woman behind the Catio project, which she designed out of her love for her cats.


She has been named the Catio Queen and her own cat, Serena, is the owner of four catios.



She has good knowlwdge of Feng Shui and she understands how a nice environment benefits the well-being of any living being.


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