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Cats Showing Their Diva Shelves by Posing Like Pin-Up Girls


Even though I am not a cat person (although I love and respect every animal), I will admit that cats are one of the funniest creatures in the world. Maybe they are even funnier than dogs. Their humor is just completely different. Dogs are like a classic episode of Friends and cats are like a black comery of BBC. Not everyone might be able to get them at all times, but they have moments that even the last person on earth, with the least sense of humor will get their black humor.

Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls is a Tumblr account that combines photos of pin-up girls and cats.


The account has become very successful over the past five years, with every picture having more than 200 comments.


Rachael Aslett is the woman behind the creation of the website and the pairing of the funny images.


The blog has been operating for many years now, but it gain wide success a couple of weeks ago.


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