Ceramic Artist Creates Minimalistic Geometric Jewelry


Jewelry making has always been a pretty underestimating type of art. Compared to the number of people -men and women- who wear jewelry, the people who make them won’t be characterized as artists as easily as a painter or a photographer. This is unfair for those who make jewelry, since their skills are admirable and the way they treat materials to create unique forms is absolutely commenadable. Maybe we should start treating jewelry making as an equal to all the other forms of art and not exclude it from the art scene.

Monica is a professional ceramic artist, who graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in Lithuania.


Her passion for minimalism started in her adolescent and contunued through Art School and later was transfered to her professional work.


The colors she chooses are monochromatic and offer a sense of calmness and relaxation.


The clear geometrical shapes and lines make the minimalism of her designs even more noticeable. 


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