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Cheech, a Shelter Dog From Texas Is the Happiest Dog We Have Ever Seen

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Dogs around the world are being kicked and yelled at and hit as hard as a human can hit. This is a disgrace to the human nature and those who treat animals this way don’t deserve to be called humans. They are monsters and their actions deserve to be criminally punished. If I kill another human, the police will arrest me and send me to prison. If I abuse an animal and they find me (that’s pretty unlikely), they will arrest me, give me a fine to pay and I will be set free like nothing bad ever happened.

When Cheech was first brought to this Texas rescue shelter, he was a scared pup, who was brutally beaten.

Facebook | CityofWallerAnimalShelterandRescue

The people working at the shelter were worried about the 2-year-old pup and how it would react to this new environment.

Facebook | CityofWallerAnimalShelterandRescue

One day, when a worker went to check his out in his cage, she saw a very weird smile on his face and shouted at the other workers to come and look.

Facebook | CityofWallerAnimalShelterandRescue

This woman called the shelter and asked to replace her dog who earlier died of cancer. When she met Cheech, the connection between them was instant.

Facebook | CityofWallerAnimalShelterandRescue

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