Cliff in China Lays Stone Eggs Every 30 Years


Our planet is a very mysterious place, with so many unexplained and weird phenomena taking place. Scientists have so many things on their plate and considering how much time it takes to offer proven explanation about one single issue, they just don’t have enough time or resources to explain every little mysterious and unexplained phenomenon of this planet. This is why it took hundreds of years until geologists could give an explanation to the formation of stone eggs on the Chan Dan Ya cliff in China.

Chan Dan Ya is a cliff in China measuring 19ft high and 65ft long and has been the centre of mystery after geologists started noticing these weird stone eggs.


People living in the nearby village Gulu, have been scratching their heads for decades trying to understand why these rock formations happen.


The eggs start incubating in hollow overhangs and after a while they fall to the ground.


Many people from the village have taken one of these eggs home with them, since they believe that they bring good luck and fortune.


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