Comfortable ”She Sheds” Are Women’s Idea of Having Some Alone Time


We are all aware of the term ‘man cave’. Men have been showing their need of having a space dedicated just to themselves, so that they can have their alone time doing whatever makes them feel relaxed since the beginning of time. The kitchen was thought to be women’s personal space, since in the previous centuries that was the room of the house that they would spend most of their day in. Things have now changed for them and their unique and stylish personal spaces are here only for them to enjoy.

Man caves have been linked with some dark basement or the most remote room of a big house.


Women’s ‘she sheds’ are nowhere near that depressing atmosphere that man caves usually have.


Women are usually looking for an open-air shed that will offer them plenty of oxygen and view from their walls full of windows.


The word ‘shed’ indicates that a person wants a protective and stylish place that will offer comfort and romance as well. 


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