A Complete Guide to Filipino Street Food


If you’ve ever been to any Asia country, you’ll know that street food markets are in every city and busy neighborhood. The Philippines have one of the most popular street food markets throughout Asia and there you can taste some of the most unique and a bit weird traditional delicacies. This complete guide will help you have an idea of what you will find and what to choose when you are finally there.

1. Isaw is a dish of pig and chicken intestines on a stick grilled on charcoal fire. The pig intestines are a bit hard to chew whereas chicken intestines are similar to sausage.


2. Kwek Kwek are quail eggs seasoned with chilies, vinegar, peppers and onions, coated in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried.


3. Another dish that you will find in the market is a green mango served with spicy shrimp paste on a stick, making the whole mixture very interesting in flavors.


4. Chicken heads and chicken feet on sticks are some of the most adventurous street food delicacies, since they are the parts of the chicken that the western world is not used to eating.


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