Cool DIY Supplies For Back To School!

YouTube |  MissRemiAshten

Summer is over, guys! Whether we like it or not we haveto face that school and winter are coming sooner than we thought. Are you ready for a new school year? If not then that is totally fine! We are happy to provide you with some really cool diy back to school supplies you will definitely love. Check them out and take notes! 

1. Who wouldn’t love a watercolor case? 

What you will need is acrylic colors or your choice and a sponge. Start dugging the sponge of the color and then on a laptop case to create a cute design.

YouTube |  MissRemiAshten

2. Photo frame whiteboard. 

All you need is a whiteboard and a paper of your choice – even a blank one.

YouTube |  MissRemiAshten

3. Fringe pencil holder.

I think you are going to love this one. What you need is some fringe, a hot glue gun and a holder. Then, hot glue the fringe on the holder and voila.

YouTube |  MissRemiAshten

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School always seems better when you have such cute supplies!

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