Delicious Cinnamon Sugar Twists!


I love dough, any kind of dough and I also love cinnamon. So, as you can understand this recipe was a dream for me. I had recently made an apple pie and I had some extra filling left, so I decided to put that in the twists as well. The result was amazing! The recipe below might not contain apple sauce (you can put it if you like it) but is the basic recipe for cinnamon sugar twists. It is so simple and tasty that you won’t believe that with such little effort you can prepare such a lovely dessert.


You put the sugar and cinnamon mixture on half the crescent roll

Image by yummly

You cover with the other half and cut in 3 cm lines

Image by yummly

You form the roll into twists and you place them on a baking surface

Image by yummly

This is the recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Twists

Piece of cake, right? Well, next time you host a party or a movie night think about making these delicious twists. It will blow everyone’s minds!

Front image | popculturebook


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