DIY Cute Phone Cases!

As the years go by, each new cellphone model looks even better than the previous one. They become slimmer and prettier every year and, the truth is, that they are pretty useful! However, phone cases tend to be quite overpriced, don’t you think? Well, there is no need to worry, because today we have a solution to your problem: Easy and cute DIY phone cases! Let’s get started!

1. A clear case decorated with nail polish

Okay, if you choose this project, you are not actually going to be building a phone case from the scratch. What you will do though, is buy a clear, simple, plastic phone case (they cost like $1) and decorate it with your favourite nail polish creating dots, just like you see in the picture above.

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2. Clear case decorated with markers

This one is similar to the previous one so you’ll follow the same principle: Buy a clear phone case and draw whatever you feel like! We recommend little watermelons because they are very cute and easy to draw!

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3. A tattoo on a solid colour case

This one is extremely easy, yet another great idea. Just put a tatoo on a solid colour phone case. Then, all you have to do is to seal it with spray! Voila! Your new case is ready.

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4. Printout decorations

The easiest way to transform your phone case easily into whatever you want, it to just print your favourite images and then slip it inside a clear phone case!

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5. Paint splatter

This one looks so creative, artistic and unique, but the truth is that it’s probably the easiest of all. You won’t even have to be careful with this one!

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6. Little stickers on your case

If you want to give your phone case just the right sparkly touch, then this simple solution is just for you! It really looks great!

Image by abeautifulmess

7. Colourful glitter

This do it yourself project is probably the most impressive one and it’s really easy too! All you have to do is to put some glue on a clear case and then sprinkle some colourful glitter all over it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Image by Pinterest

Well, that was it! Pretty easy, right? And the best part is, you won’t have to spend much money either! You should definately try it!

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