DIY Oreo Notebook

Oreos are all people’s favourite. Honestly, I haven’t met one person that doesn’t like oreos and wouldn’t spend his last money to buy a pack of them. Okay, maybe I am going a little too far, but I wanted to be sure that you would get my point. Now that you have we can move on. So, how wonderful would it be if you could make your own notebook in an oreo shape? I guess it would be a torture, ’cause you would be reminded of them all the time, but it would be darn cute!

Starting off with the plain white notebook paper and how to cut it

Image YouTube | IdunnGoddess

Then we head to the sponge, which is going to be the outside material of the notebook

Image YouTube | IdunnGoddess

And a few steps later, this is what we get!

Image YouTube | IdunnGoddess

This is how you can make it

I think it’s pretty easy to make it. And you are not obligated to make it in this exact size. You can always try going bigger if you feel that you have the ability to do it.

Front image YouTube | IdunnGoddess

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