This Elderly Couple Proves That True Love Exists

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

Do you believe in true and long-lasting love? We would be fools if we said no. Love is the most meaningful and deep feeling that someone can feel and this is why it can last for as long as we live without losing any of its strength.

Irina Nedyalkova is a Russian photographer who decided to show the love between an elderly couple.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

Sergei and Valentine showed everyone that age has nothing to do with showing love and affection.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

Sergei is 45-years-old and Valentine 62-years-old, but that does not seem to be an issue.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

Just look at the way she is looking at him and how precious he must be for her.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

When you get older, you realize that the simple things are the ones that matter in life.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

6. And love is the one thing that we tend to forget about or even worse take it for granted.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

But, it’s time I told you something that might shock you, but please be calm…

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

These two didn’t know each other. They met on the set of the photoshoot, but managed to get as close as needed.

Instagram | nedyalkovairina

It gives hope to everyone of us out here seeing that a couple’s love does not fade or get any less strong as years go by.

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