Facts About Pizza That You Had No Idea About


If you had to name the top three of your favorite fast foods, wouldn’t pizza be one of the them? I am one of the few weirdos, who would put pizza in number five or six, but don’t mind me. After giving a huge thanks to our friends the Italians for creating this delicious food, we can talk about the reasons we love pizza. It is very simple. It has dough (everyone loves dough), it has cheese (who doesn’t love cheese), tomato sauce (we all eat it with pasta) and we can add whatever we wish. So, what’s not to love about pizza?

1. The first use of the word ”pizza” dates back in 997 CE, when it was mentioned in a latin text.


2. During the first two decades of the 20th century, pizza was mainly the food of working class Italians.


3. After the end of World War II, the Americans brought the pizza to back to the States.


4.A pizzeria named ”Heaven Scent Pizza” was created just for dogs, selling pizzas made of flour, carrots, parmesan cheese and celery.


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