Famous Films Turned Into Minimalistic Posters Using Only Circles



One of the basic moves of the advertising process of any film is the designing of a poster that will be sent to cinemas al over the world and will appear everywhere on the internet. Some of them are so memorable that are remembered by generations to come. Maybe this is why designer Nicl Barclay felt the need to offer an alternative poster to some of the most favorite films that have appeared over the last three decades and have entertained millions of people. Having a fresh image of a film you loved is the best way to fall in love with it once again.

Nick Barclay is a graphic designer, whose latest series of artworks concentrates on depicting films using only circles. 


Going from his more serious set of showing depression with geometric designs, this time he opts for a happier theme.


He chose the circle as his only form of expression and he bases each film’s color and number of cicles on their atmosphere and story.


The idea of this project came up while he was watching Interstellar and not really liking it.


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