Fashion and Women Are Not Prepared to Accept These Fried Chicken Pants

Twitter | k_kazu_magi

New fashion trends are appearing out of nowhere all the time. Sometimes we can’t wait to follow them (not me, the others), other times we consciously ignore them, since they don’t apply to us and those other times we say a big fat ‘no’, simply because they are awful. This last case applies to these orange fried chicken pants, that are nothing like we’ve seen before and we hope that it is not going to stay with us for a long time and not even for a short time.

Even watching the pants without having to see them on a woman, you realise how awful they are.

Twitter | k_kazu_magi

The pants share an amazing similarity with KFC fried chicken, but not the least bit close as delicious.

Twitter | k_kazu_magi

They are not the most flattering pants that a woman can wear, but they can sure hide the extra skin that you might want to hide. 

Twitter | k_kazu_magi

Now, this is truly delicious! Maybe it’s time for edible pants to appear, after the edible panties.

Twitter | Demasei_

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