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Fiona the Hippo Photobombed a Couple Exactly the Moment that They Got Engaged


It is highly probable that you have heard or seen Fiona the Hippo before. The young girl got the world’s attention a few months back due to her zest for life and her playful attitude. Fiona is a resident at the Cincinatti Zoo in Ohio and many people from America and the rest of the world visit the zoo just to see her. Fiona has been labeled a ‘diva’, since her playfulness inside the water is something that we don’t usually see with zoo animals.

Nick Kelble, being a huge fan of Fiona, decided to propose to his girlfriend Hayley Roll next to her ‘house’.

Instagram | hayley_roll

Fiona, who now is a grown hippo, was spending her 16 hours a day into the water, when she decided to greet these two people outside her place.


Fiona appeared behind the glass right in front of the couple at the exact moment that Nick went down on his knees.

Instagram | hayley_roll

She stayed at the glass for a few moments and viewed as the couple got engaged, with Nick putting a ring on Haley’s finger.

Instagram | hayley_roll

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