Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Warm the Atmosphere of Your House

Anne Decker Architects

In the biggest part of the world, winter is now approaching or has already approached people’s lives. The temperature has fallen and we are starting to put on our winter clothes and our scarves. This means that it is time to load the fireplace with wood and light it up. This must be the happiest and most expected moment of winter, since everyone is attracted to fire’s color and warmth. There’s nothing more pleasant than a dinner night with friends gathered around the fireplace preparing a barbeque and roasted bread. In case you are now building or designing your future house, I have a few great ideas for your fireplace based on the atmosphere and style you are going for.

1. A stone fireplace belongs in a more traditional house located somewhere away from city centres.

Anne Decker Architects

2. This is a classic example of a fireplace that you would find inside a country house, with marble and wood dominating the walls.

Corley Design

3. A Kiva style fireplace would be perfect for a small house in the woods or in a farmhouse. It creates a cozy feeling originating from the placement in the corner.

Curtis & Windham Architects

4. For a more grande style, you can turn to this baroque mirrored design, which is perfectly suitable for a mansion.

Gibbons, Fortman & Associates

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