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Food Artist Prepares Creative French Toasts to Increase Our Appetite

Instagram | estyle1010

Food is not just something that we need in order to survive. In the past few years, food has become a form of art that many people make a career out of. A simple search on Instagram will make you realise that thousands of people use food and the most unusual ingredients they can find to create recipes and decorations that are so much more that just food. This is exactly the case with Japanese food artist Eiko Mori, who uses french toasts in the most unique and unexpected way.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day and Japanese food artist Eiko Mori knows that.

Instagram | estyle1010

Eiko is just like any other artist or painter, whose only difference is that she chooses toast as her canvas.

Instagram | estyle1010

She began her toast design in early 2017 and she hasn’t stopped creating her imaginative toasts ever since.

Instagram | estyle1010

Her patterned designs include fruit, sushi, and even tennis rackets made from Japanese ingredients such as black sesame and mango paste.

Instagram | estyle1010

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