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Food Artist Prepares Creative French Toasts to Increase Our Appetite

Eiko’s designs are sometimes time consuming and sometimes easy to create. Her 22k instagram followers show that no matter how easy a design looks, they adore her project.

Instagram | estyle1010

She is not the first one to follow this artistic path. Candace Mama is another person who transforms simple toast into creative breakfast food.

Pinterest | Kathryn Wong

Bento Monsters is a website that aims to make breakfast the most appealing meal of the day and has successfully achieved that goal.


Ming, the min behind the blog, is a woman who has evolved her love for cooking into a hobby that the world can enjoy via her website.



The issue with food like this is that you don’t want to ruin them by eating them. Like when you see a paintings and you try not to mess with it, this is exactly what happens with food creations like the above. They are just so adorable for you to eat!

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