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Giving up on your eating disorder

“I don’t feel like I love my body yet, but I feel like it’s OK, and that’s progress for me.”

This is a reality, for so many women out there. Unfortunately, in today’s society where skinny seems to be considered the only “correct” body type by many people, plenty of girls struggle with body image issues. They feel that if they aren’t skinny, they don’t deserve to love their body.

This can lead to serious self confidence problems, it can make those women feel worthless and, sometimes, it even leads to serious eating disorders that are really dangerous for both physical and mental health. Just like the girl in the video, but with one difference!

The lady you will see in the video below, decided to throw away all her old clothes that didn’t fit her, buy new ones and lead a new life full of body acceptance and positivity! Watch this inspiring video, to see how life is for people who suffer from body image-related issues.

Such a poweful video, don’t you think? It is really inspiring, especially for all those people strugglikng with eating disorders!

Front image and video YouTube | BuzzFeedYellow

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